Tax Investigations

HMRC have long had a history of picking on individual businesses for rigorous tax investigation.

Sometimes, seemingly at random, tax payers can find themselves in the middle of an intimidating process which can involve several months or years of accusations of deliberate wrong doing. It’s important to have experts on your side who not only know the inner workings of HMRC but also know crucial legislation that can be used to defend people against tax officials looking to exploit any weaknesses those under investigation may have.

Should you be under investigation, it’s vital that your advisor can:

  • Quickly set up an engagement with HMRC
  • Manage professional fees in line with ability to pay
  • Refer to all relevant legislation which may favour the tax payer. It’s vital to note that HMRC often work within the scopes of their own guidelines. These guidelines are often not compliant with UK statute legislation and can be successfully challenged so long as the advisor is completely up to date with UK tax law.
  • Mitigate fines and penalties as much as possible by referring to law and case study